Management information

“In 2018 the Group increased adjusted operating profit at constant FX by 8.9% in a challenging business environment.
We were also able to strengthen our business foundation for sustainable profit growth from 2019 onwards.

“In the international tobacco business, market share gains and strong pricing in key markets yielded outstanding performance which was supported by the positive impact of acquisitions.
In the Japanese domestic tobacco business, we completed the nationwide expansion of Ploom TECH and solidified our leading position in cigarettes by increasing our market share.

“Our 2019 Business Plan reaffirms our strategic direction. Our goal is to deliver mid to high single-digit annual average profit growth in the mid-to long-term.
To achieve this, we will deliver sustainable earnings growth in the total tobacco business, by offering a wide portfolio of conventional products and RRPs to meet diverse consumer needs.”

President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director